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Owning a small or family-run business is hard- it is even harder in a social media driven world, where you don't know the difference between an algorithm, Boost, Tweet and Snap. There is no one who better understands the all of the intricacies and difficulties of owning a family-run business than myself- my family owning a number before finding success in our current business, Lucan Architectural

In the summer of 2013, after a long and hard winter, where we, at times, struggled to make ends meet, I discovered the world of Facebook marketing. As I delved deeper into the world of Facebook (with the aid of a Masters of Library and Information Science and a professional writing background), our business and

social media presence began to gain momentum with each passing day- resulting in one of the largest independently run Facebook retail business pages in Southwestern Ontario and in the expansion of our physical space (from a mere 3,000 square feet to 16,000 square feet). 

Today, I help fellow small business owners make social media work for them- rather than allowing it to serve as yet another obstacle in their path to establishing the business of their dreams. 

Allow me to allow you to take one stressor off of your plate, to focus all of your efforts on every other aspect of your business (staffing/ scheduling, payroll, purchasing, etc.)- by helping you to create or manage your own social media accounts, by designing an eye-catching website worthy of your services or products, or even by updating your Google Business listing (to cut back on those pesky phone calls informing you that your information is out of date).

Look forward to working with you,

Avery Greaves

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